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         I have worked to update the infrastructure in the Town. The new Sewer and Wastewater plant is currently under construction. Phase 1 will be completed in fall 2024 and final completion in Spring 2025. I have worked with NCDOT on repaving projects in the area, such as Main Street and Pigeon Street. I am currently working on the developments of both South Main and Russ Avenues.


         I fully support our exceptional Police Department. I worked to provide better compensation, providing body cameras, additional patrol cars, and Bolawraps. I believe that a well trained and supplied Police force benefits everyone in the community. I supported and championed the new Waynesville Police App that allows for real time reporting of information to the public. I also support the Waynesville Civilian Police who provide a great service to our beautiful town.


         I have worked with our Fire Department to provide quality equipment such as the new fire truck. With the tireless work of the Fire Chief, all citizens in Waynesville have been able to benefit from lower insurance rates.

Equity & Equality

I proposed and completed a payroll study for Town employees to determine if employees were being paid an equitable wage and if women were being paid equal to men.  Due to the study, employee wages are now equitable and equal. Worked to change to board from Alderman to Town Council, because words matter. 


I was instrumental in establishing the new Downtown Waynesville Committee. I worked to audit the previous association and make necessary changes.

Friends of Anthony Sutton
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